HTHP Symposium 2019

The 2nd Symposium on High-Temperature Heat Pumps took place on 9 September 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The 2nd Symposium consisted of 15 presentations and 12 poster presentations with speakers from 11 different countries. The presentations were organized in three sessions with a focus on:

  • Potential and demand for high-temperature heat pumps
  • Industrial cases and examples of successful integration of heat pumps
  • Current developments and trends for high-temperature heat pumps

The conference presentations indicated the following developments to be promising contributions for accelerating the deployment of high-temperature heat pumps:

  • Optimization of cycle layout and component performances
  • Improved integration procedures considering a re-evaluation of supply temperatures, buffer tanks and possibilities to access cheap electricity
  • Compressors capable of high supply temperatures and lubrication systems if required
  • Reduction of investment cost

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